What is Project100™?

Maslow has embarked a remarkable journey since 1998 in facilitating learning and development events for top businesses and organizations in South East Asia.

Our ability to  listen, understand and create the ideal setting and atmosphere for your event based on the situation and needs of your organization whether it be In house Training, Team Building and Team Development for 25 people or Evening Entertainment for 5000 is scaled among the top trainers in SEA region and bench marked against international standards. Maslow, as a brand is build by delivering ONLY QUALITY SOLUTION to our esteemed clients that we have had the pleasure and honour to be associated with. We pride on our reputation of 100% customer satisfaction delivered through our meticulous planning and execution.

WHY “Training events today are going wrong”?

Conducting these events for more than 15 years experience has given us the insights and wisdom to understand where and why most of the training events are failing to deliver the desired result. One of the key issues with running training is result after the event or so called ROI!

We have heard these remarks thousand times:

“Our people went for team building , jumping up and down , very excited and playing in a team but back to the office same person”

“They get very motivated after the event but it will only last for 2 weeks, after that same” 

“We have even given them project to do but no follow follow through and gone”

So how can companies make sure that training events does not “go bad”?

  1. Be absolutely clear about your objectives. [What you aim to achieve from the event?] Define your objective in clear, concise and specific statements.
  2. By all means, schedule some time for fun but never think that an activity is a substitute for real team building.
  3. Dedicate sufficient time for team building.
  4. Start with an executive briefing to set the context and clearly communicate objectives. (The operative word in briefing is brief so keep it brief.) Optimal Timeframe: 15 – 30 minutes
  5. Debrief all team building activities thoroughly. (Minimum: 1 Hour including preparation and discussion.)
  6. Carve out enough time for business application exercises. (Minimum: 2 1/2 hours)

And last but not the least; the most important part of training is post training activities what people are going to do!! This is extremely essential to ensure the continuity and sustenance of the momentum created during the activities.

Maslow has come up with a unique and an exclusively highly customized training enhancement portal which we call as “PROJECT 100”.

Project 100 is a system designed by our team of Training Specialists, psychologists and certified designers to bring effectiveness to every training event. The reason we call it as system is, System can cause an ordinary person do an extra ordinary job predictably. Lets predict the result together.